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This dialog provides the ability for a client to manage the user account.

You get to this dialog by clicking on the button in the top right corner of the page, which displays the current user's identifier. Initially the dialog looks like:

Sign on screenshot

It displays your user identifier, and the e-mail address that is currently associated with the user identifier. To modify the account settings you must enter the current password. You can then supply

Then click on the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the page body. The changes are also applied if you press the Enter key while the keyboard focus is in one of the text input fields in the form. The keyboard short-cuts ctl-S and alt-A also apply the changes. If there is a problem a message is displayed and you are given the opportunity to correct the account settings.

Clicking on the Signoff button logs the current user off, and presents the Sign On dialog to permit choosing another userid. The keyboard short-cut alt-S also performs this function.

Clicking on the Close button closes this dialog. The keyboard short-cut alt-C also closes the dialog.

For any other issue click on the "Contact Author" hyperlink in the page footer.

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