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The Language Table is used to manage information about all of the languages which the site recognizes. The presence of a language in this table does not mean that the site supports that language, that depends upon the implementation of specific support for each function in the site. If a particular function does not support your language a message to that effect is displayed along with the English version of the function.

For each recognized language this application displays the recorded information associated with each ISO 639-1 two character identification code. The information recorded for each language includes the name of the language in English, the native name of the language expressed in the script of the language, the definite article if any used before the name of the language, the possessive form used with the name of the language, and the text to be displayed to a user who requested the language if the specific function is not available in the requested language.

You can scroll through the recognized languages by clicking on the forward and backward arrows that appear just under the title of the page. You can also use the PageUp and PageDown keys on your keyboard.

You can enter a portion of the language name in the pattern field. For example entering "en" and pressing the Enter key will display all languages whose English name contains the string "en". If you want to look for names starting with a particular string prefix it by a caret "^". For example "^f" will list all languages whose English name begins with the letter "F". If you want to look for names ending with a particular string add the suffix "$". For example "sh$" will display languages ending with "sh" and "an$" will display languages ending in "an".

Authorized administrators can modify the contents of the table:

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