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Every address that is referenced in the family tree is recorded in the Addresses Master List. This way all of the information collected about a particular address is centralized. This, in particular, facilitates ensuring that particular addresses are always identified in the same way.

An Address record can be used for one of three purposes:

  1. As a more detailed alternative to a Location record. A Location record contains an unstructured line of text identifying the place where an event took place, or a fact was observed. An Address record breaks the identification of the place into its hierarchical component parts.
  2. To record contact information for an individual in the family tree. This should be used cautiously. For example using a separate contact list or "Rolodex"™ application provides advantages, such as integration with address label or bulk mail creation applications. Furthermore placing personal information of this sort in the family tree may expose it to an unintended audience.
  3. To record contact information for a repository, such as a library or archive, which provides public access to source documents that are referenced by the family tree.

You get to this web page by clicking on the link on the numeric key field on the Addresses Master List web page, or by clicking on the button associated with "Address" on the edit Individual page. If you are authorized the text and other fields on this page permit you to modify the characteristics of the address. Otherwise the fields are all protected. The following information is displayed:

As a result of editing address names it may happen that two or more addresses end up with the same Address Name text and the same 'kind' of address. This normally means that they are in fact two references to the same real address. When this occurs editing one of the addresses results in the display of a list of all higher numbered addresses with the same address name, together with a "Merge Duplicates" button. Clicking on this button merges all references to the higher numbered instances and deletes the higher numbered instances from the table.

There are four buttons at the bottom of the page:

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