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Details Location Coords Notes Boundary
Details 'Glenelg', Saxon St, Newmarket, England      
Details 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 Blk Hms, Glencoe, Middlesex, ON, CA      
Details 105th St, Edmonton, AB, CA      
Details 10117 106 Ave, Edmonton, AB, CA      
Details 108 con 2 [Mt Brydges], Caradoc, Middlesex, ON, CA    
Details 10017 108th St, Edmonton, AB, CA      
Details 457 10Th St, New Westminster, BC, CA      
Details 253 11 St E., Owen Sound, Grey, ON, CA      
Details 1449 11th Ave E, Vancouver, BC, CA      
Details 417 11th St NW, Calgary, AB, CA      
Details pt 12 Br 12 Cons 3&4 SER, Adelaide, Middlesex, ON, CA      
Details 431 12th St, Brandon, MB, CA      
Details 2983 12th St, Detroit, Michigan, USA      
Details 131 Water? St, Toronto, ON, CA      
Details 1226 13th Ave W, Calgary, AB, CA      
Details pt 14 con 6, Lobo, Middlesex, ON, CA      
Details 14, 15 King St, Mt Brydges, Caradoc, Middlesex, ON, CA    
Details pt 15 con 1 & pt 14 con 1 & pt 15 con 2, Usborne, Huron, ON, CA      
Details 15 NB Biddulph      

This is a regular expression, as supported by MySQL, which is used Sto limit the locations to be displayed. See Henry Spencer"e;s regex page.

Enter an actual location name in this field. When you click on the Search button the dialog for displaying or editing the details of the location pops up. If you are authorised to update the database then this dialog permits you to create a new location, otherwise only existing locations can be viewed in this way.
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