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Every temple that is referenced by an event or fact in the database is recorded in the LDS Temples Master List. This way all of the information collected about a particular temple is in a central location. This, in particular facilitates ensuring that particular temples are always identified in the same way.

You get to the Temples Master List from the Family Tree Top Level Services web page. When you first enter the Temples Master List web page it displays the first 20 temples in the list in alphabetical order. You can scroll through the list by clicking on the forward and backward arrows at the top of the list.

You use the "Pattern" field to search for temples based upon the name of the temple. Technically the value you enter in this field is a regular expression pattern. The following are just some of the ways you can use this pattern.

Each of the temples displayed on this web page shows the unique numeric key of the temple, the unique textual code for the temple, and the temple name as it is displayed in reports. the numeric key is a link to a web page that displays the details recorded about the temple, and if you are authorized to do so, permits you to edit those details.

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