County Marriage Registration Query



This is a selection list to select the registration domain, for example a province or state, to be searched.
This is the number of a volume of records kept by the archives containing pre-confederation marriage registrations.
This identifies a specific report within the volume of marriage registrations. Each report contains information about the marriages performed by a minister of religion or a marriage commissioner (Justice of the Peace) in a year.
This specifies a specific marriage within a report by its ordinal position.
This specifies to search for marriages that match a particular given name.
This specifies to search for surnames that match a particular surname or part of a surname. This is a regular expression.
The Soundex code has been used for decades to attempt to match names that sound similar. For example it is used by police forces to perform a rough match for the names of drivers. It is a problematic tool, as it is based upon the phonetics of British surnames. If you select this option along with a complete surname, not a pattern match, in the Surname field, then the search is made for surnames that "sound like" the given surname. For example specifying Soundex together with "McLean" will match all of the surnames in the pattern match example under "Surname", but many other names as well, such "McCallum", "McAllan", "McClain", and "McWilliams".
Clicking on this button performs the query.
Clicking on this button clears all of the input fields back to their default values.
Clicking on this button displays the top level statistics page for marriage registrations.


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