1911 Census of Canada: British Columbia Transcription Status

Id English Name French Name Prov Done To Do % Done Action
10 Nanaimo Nanaimo BC 50 32,375 0.15
11 New Westminster New Westminster BC 50 56,925 0.09
12 Vancouver Vancouver BC 78 125,150 0.06
13 Victoria City Victoria City BC 0 31,825 0.00
14 Yale & Cariboo Yale & Cariboo BC 18 50,725 0.04
    Total   196 297,000 0.07
This column displays the district number assigned to the census district by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
This column displays the district name. This is usually the same as the name of a federal electoral district or riding.
This column displays the two character abbreviation assigned to the province by Canada Post.
This column displays the number of individuals already transcribed in this district.
This column displays the total number of individuals enumerated in this district.
Click on this button to view the division by division transcription progress within the specific district.
Click on this button to view a summary of the surnames present in the transcription of the specific district.