Census Administration: Canada: Census: Page Table Display

The Census selection list is used to specify the year of the census enumeration for which you wish to update a Sub-District description.
The Province selection list is an alphabetical list of the provinces in the specified census. It is used if you wish to limit the displayed list of districts to a specific province.
The District selection list is an alphabetical list of census districts, roughly equivalent to federal electoral ridings. This tool permits editting the descriptions of the sub-districts within a specified census district.
The Sub-District selection list is an alphabetical list of sub-districts within the selected census district[s]. Each generally represents a city ward, town, or township.
Sub-Districts that were too populous to be handled by a single enumerator were sub-divided into enumeration divisions.
Click on this button to open the form for viewing and updating the information recorded about individual pages of a sub-district.