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Census Transcription Status: Census Level Help

This page displays a high-level summary of progress on the transcription of a particular census of Canada, usually for a specific province. It displays one row for each census district:

For each district it displays:

  1. The district number. For pre-confederation censuses this is within the province, as the census was administered independently in each province or colony.
  2. The name of the district.
  3. The two character postal abbreviation for the province or territory containing the district.
  4. The number of individuals transcribed so far within the district. Note that this includes partially transcribed individuals.
  5. The total number of individuals enumerated within the district.
  6. The percentage completion. This field is color-coded running from dark red for no work done so far through to bright green for 100% completion.
  7. A details button to display the status of each subdistrict and enumeration division within the district.
  8. A button to display an index of the surnames of the individuals already transcribed within the district. This is particular useful in finding desired individuals because frequently surnames are either misspelled by the original enumerator or the handwriting of the enumerator has been mis-interpreted by the transcriber.

At the bottom of the table the total number of individuals transcribed in this census is displayed, along with the total number of individuals enumerated within the districts for which some work has been done, and the color-coded percentage completion for the set of districts covered.

Just above the table of districts there is a link pointing to the left which permits browsing to the previous portion of the census database, and a link pointing to the right which permits browsing to the next portion of the database. If you hold the mouse over either of these links information is displayed about exactly which portion of the census will be displayed if you follow the link. Within a particular census the provinces are arranged alphabetically

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