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This page documents the dialog that is displayed when you click on the "Details" button associated with the name of an individual on the Edit Individual page.

The textual notes are entered into a multiple line text area. You can enter thousands of characters of text into this field, however the total amount of text of all notes fields on the individual is limited to about 60,000 characters. This is a "What You See is What You Get" editor that you can use like a word processor. You can highlight text as bold, italic, or underlined. You can change the color, background, size, and even the font for text. You can use pre-defined styles which combine a set of features. You can insert numbered or unnumbered lists. You can define hyper-links to other locations anywhere on the World-Wide Web. You can insert images by referencing their location on the web and control how they are presented within the page.

You can supply a name prefix. This is any text that appears before the name of the individual but is not part of the name. For example this includes honorifics such as "Rev.", military ranks, titles such as "Sir", and some occupations, such as "Doctor".

You can supply a name suffix. This is any text that appears after the name but is not part of the surname. For example this includes qualifiers such as "J'r" or "Sr.".

Each set of notes can be documented using citations to master sources.

Clicking on the Add Citation displays a scrolling selection list of all of the defined sources, and a text input field to identify the source details, that is the place in the master source containing the documentation, usually the page number. The Add Citation button is disabled while adding a citation. The last source that you cited is pre-selected for you, and the last page cited defaults to the last value you entered. This facilitates citing the last document for multiple facts.

To accept the last citation just tab from the selection list of sources, and then tab out of the cited page field.

To change the citation click on the new master source, tab into the cited page field, change the value and then press enter or tab to confirm the change.

When you confirm the citation:

  1. A button is added at the front of the row to permit you to "Edit Citation".
  2. the selection list of sources collapses to a read-only text field,
  3. the entered citation page field is made read-only.
  4. A button is added at the end of the row to permit you to "Delete Citation".
  5. The "Add Citation" button is enabled to permit adding further citations.

Clicking on the "Edit Citation" button of an existing citation pops up a dialog that permits you to modify any of the existing settings for the citation, as well as adding text quoted from the source, as well as user comments about the citation.

Clicking on the "Delete Citation" button removes an existing citation.

You can define and modify alternate names for an individual. For example adopted children can be referenced both by their biological and adoptive parents' surnames. "Cassius Clay" is more commonly known as "Muhammad Ali", "Marion Mitchell Morrison" as "John Wayne", and "Roy Harold Scherer, Jr" as "Rock Hudson" (although he remained "Roy" to his friends).

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