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Census Transcription Status: Division Level Help

This page displays a summary of progress on the transcription of a particular division of a census of Canada.

The specific division is identified by parameters passed as part of the URL. The following parameters are supported:

Census The identifier of the census, including the country code. For example Census=CA1881 for the 1881 census of Canada.
Province If the census identifier specifies a country level identifier for a census which was performed separately for each component province then the identifier of the province must be specified. For example Census=CA1861 identifies the British Imperial Census of 1861 as it applies to the colonies in British North America and therefore the individual colony must be identified by this parameter, for example Province=CE for Canada East. Census=CW1861 identifies explicitly the census of Canada West and therefore does not require the Province parameter, and it it is specified it is ignored.
District The district number within the census.
SubDistrict The sub-district letter or number within the district.
Division The enumeration division within the sub-district if the sub-district is divided.
Page Optional. This indicates the last page that the user worked on. This page is highlighted in the display.
ShowProofreader If 'true' show the user identifier of the page proofreader in a column
lang The ISO code for the preferred language of the client, for example "en".

For each page in the division this displays:

Status of an individual census page

  1. The page number.
  2. The number of individuals transcribed so far within the page.
  3. The percentage completion. This field is color-coded running from dark red for no work done so far through to bright green for 100% completion. This percentage incorporates more than one column of the transcription. A page for which only the first part of the line, including the name of the individual, has been transcribed will show 50% complete even though the total done count shows that every line has been transcribed.
  4. The percentage of entries linked to the family tree. This is also color-coded in the same way.
  5. The user identifier of the transcriber.
  6. If requested the user identifier of the proofreader.
  7. A button to display the form for "View"ing, or "Update"ing if you are authorized, all of the fields in the specific page.

At the bottom of the table the total number of individuals transcribed in this district is displayed, along with the total number of individuals enumerated within the district, and the color-coded percentage completion for the district.

A button to enable or disable the optional display of the user identifier of the proofreader.

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